"A Marriage in Paradise: American Professionalism meets Moroccan Taste, Style and Hospitality"

Delicious Cuisine, Service with Smiles, Impeccable Equipment, and Stylish Flourishes: that is Yacout Traiteur, your Caterer of Choice in Marrakech, Morocco

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Destination Wedding MoroccoSeamless and Stylish Events

The management team behind Yacout Catering and Special Events in Morocco offer their event planning clients the full spectrum of their talent and experience.

The Director of Yacout comes from an international background with time spent between the US and Morocco, punctuated by travels in Europe and Asia.  Yacout Catering is a local full-service catering company in Marrakech specializing in delicious cuisine, quality equipment and impeccable service.  Yacout has evolved into an event planning company catering to foreign, particularly American, visitors to Marrakech. Working long distance, Yacout aids their clients with the creation of one-of-a-kind, custom-designed events with an emphasis on crafting special celebrations and cuisine.  We offer a special touch to those wishing to create a destination wedding or celebration experience for their guests in Morocco. Add-on accommodations and excursions planning are possible to enhance the overall experience of your guests.

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Our President speaks fluent Arabic, English, and French. He was born in Marrakech where he grew up working and gaining experience in all aspects of several exclusive hotels. This has given him an extensive knowledge of hospitality and what is required to please in the luxury end of the market. In the US where he became a citizen, he has worked for and apprenticed with the most renowned caterers for events in the Miami, Florida area including Barton G., Gourmet Design, Lyon and Lyon, Carefree, Prestige and corporate catering for the private banking clients of Northern Trust Bank. He brings a thorough understanding of his native Moroccan cuisine and how it should be presented and prepared; he has also been trained and worked professionally cooking an amazingly delicious Indian cuisine for special events. He brings his destination event clients his long term experience in managing a careful preparation of cuisine including its attractive presentation, the equipment and decor necessities, as well as management oversight of our chef and excellent service staff. He was certified as a wedding planner in Palm Beach County, Florida. He brings a passion and flair for the Moroccan cuisine, lifestyle, and decor…yet working with that thoroughly American sense of professionalism and “getting things done” – on time, within your budget, and with a creative and pleasant attitude.




Unique Weddings and Special Events in Marrakech, Morocco…

Marrakech Weddings and PartiesAn Exotic and Romantic Destination

Imagine the satisfaction and intrigue of enjoying one of the most important moments of your life – whether it be your wedding, a renewal of vows, or a family and friends reunion – in one of the most culturally rich, visually stimulating and captivating “world heritage” cities in the world. This is Marrakesh: as eternal as the snows on the highest peaks, as impressive as the Atlas mountains, as steeped in history as the palm trees are rooted in the Earth, Marrakech stands as the finishing touch to a picture of timeless beauty.

The mightiest kings fought for it, a line of dynasties inherited it, sages, craftsmen, architects, painters and sculptors of all ages built magnificent palaces, mosques, gardens and Koranic schools…and now it is yours to enjoy.  For all the beauty gathered here in one thousand years, for the sheer joy of the senses, you cannot fail to consider Marrakech as a worthy setting for your special event.

Seduce Your Senses with the Tastes of Morocco…

Top Caterer in Marrakech MoroccoTraditional or Modern Moroccan Cuisine

Yacout Traiteur specializes in serving Traditional or “Moroccan Modern” cuisine. Upon special request, we can also serve a more Continental/French menu, particularly featuring whimsical appetizers and desserts. For destination wedding weekends, in addition to your wedding reception, we can help make arrangements for your enjoyment of a variety of cuisines including Marrakech’s best upscale Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. Yacout Traiteur will work with you to customize a menu to delight and surprise your guests.

With both a Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, Morocco has an ancient history of foreign trade and cultural influences. Morocco has always been a cultural crossroad and Moroccan cuisine reflects its ancient local traditions as well as Arabian, North Africa and European influences. One constant in Moroccan food is delicious fresh vegetables and a rich mélange of herbs and spices used to enhance, not mask, the flavor of food. In this small but highly diverse country some of the finest raw ingredients can be found, and Yacout Traiteur uses them to advantage for your special event or wedding in Morocco.

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